Our long lasting, sustainable doors and windows require minimum maintenance due to the quality of the raw materials in our products.


Eco-friendly timber frames offer improved building insulation due to it's strength and durability and come in a range of finishes.

Lower Footprint

Using natural and re-usable materials such as wood, uPVC and aluminium means less production energy and a lower carbon footprint.

Energy Saving

Save money with lower energy bills by using energy-efficient windows and doors, which reduce heat loss, condensation and noise.

Sustainable Window Solutions (SWS)

Who are we?

We’re a team of passionate people who believe only the best materials are good enough for the job. If you’re looking to repair or replace your windows or doors, talk to us to find the best solution today.

Your windows matter more than you think. Poorly-installed windows, old windows in need of repair and poor quality materials all contribute to a property leaking energy and heat. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen in your home.

For a truly eco-friendly window solution that looks good as well as helping towards lower heating bills and a quieter, more secure property, call us now for more no-obligation information.

Our mission

We are fully focused on providing top-quality window solutions for our customers across Edinburgh and the UK. We’re able to source and fit the highest quality window frames and doors in uPVC, wood and aluminium depending on your requirements. We can also source energy-efficient glass to help keep the maximum amount of heat inside your home. We’re committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible and are proud to provide a wide selection of replacement and repair services throughout the Edinburgh area.

For a building to be truly energy-efficient, it must have energy-efficient window solutions installed. Windows can be responsible for draining a huge amount of energy from a building. That’s why we offer great products from sustainable and eco-friendly sources, from the glazing itself right down to every element of each and every window frame.

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Energy-efficient Windows & Doors

Reliable and sustainable window restoration, repair and secondary glazing

We’re delighted to offer a selection of essential window services that will help your property look and perform at its very best. Which of these services could you benefit from most?

ThermalShield secondary glazing – helping to keep you warm

Take our ThermalShield secondary glazing for example, designed to provide an additional layer of glazing when installed inside existing single-glazed windows. This is an excellent option if you live in a more traditional property, perhaps even one that still has its original windows. These may look wonderful but they are not always the most eco-friendly way of keeping out the noise and cold and keeping the heat inside.

Secondary glazing provides a practical yet understated solution. If you opt for A-rated sealed units you can look forward to a much warmer home this winter. We’re all aware of rising heating bills, and yet this is a smart way of making sure the warmth in your home doesn’t escape out the windows.

Visit our dedicated page for Secondary Glazing for more information.

Window restoration services

More traditional windows, such as sash and case windows for example, are not uncommon among older buildings in the Edinburgh area. They have plenty of character, but they also require a little extra TLC when it comes to maintaining them.

We offer a full range of window restoration services to ensure your windows remain looking and working at their best. We carry out a full condiment of repairs to all types and styles of windows. We are able to re-rope sash windows where necessary, and we can also replace part or all of a section of window if the frame has rotted in one or more places. Draught-proofing is another essential service that will ensure you can continue to enjoy your restored windows without feeling any draughts from outside.

Essential window repairs

From uPVC windows to those made from timber or aluminium and through to metal-crittall windows, our experienced team can handle all kinds of repairs. From broken locks to rotten frames and fly windows that won’t shut: whatever the problem is, get in touch with us today to discuss the issue so we can provide you with a solution.

Whatever you need, you can look forward to having more eco-friendly and energy-efficient windows very soon.

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