Window Repair Edinburgh

Windows and Door Repairs Edinburgh

In many cases windows and doors can be repaired rather than replaced. The sooner you seek professional advice and input the more likely it is this will be the case. It is usually much cheaper to have a number of repairs completed instead of finding the cash to pay for complete replacements too, so it makes sense to know what is possible.

All types and styles of windows repaired

Our skilled team is able to repair any and all windows. This applies to windows made from timber, uPVC, aluminium and even metal crittal windows. We have a series of procedures in place to follow for each and every window type and style we come across. This enables us to assess the condition of each window, identify the problems present and provide practical and workable solutions in each case.

Sometimes this might involve making relatively minor repairs, such as replacing broken sash cords in timber sash and case windows. Sections of rotted timber can be replaced and in the worst-case scenario we can create a complete replacement window in keeping with the exact style of the old one.

If your windows are suffering from leakage, rotting or damp wood, rattling panes or anything else, our team has the solutions that will make the world of difference. Window repair Edinburgh has never been as straightforward or affordable as this.

Complete door repair and replacement services offered

Just as we deal with repairing and replacing windows of all kinds, shapes and sizes, so we also provide a full door repair Edinburgh service as well. There are many benefits involved with this, just as there are with window improvements.

For example if your door doesn’t fit properly you are likely experiencing a draught from outside. Warm air also escapes, making your home less thermally-efficient. If you want better insulation than you have at present, a door repair Edinburgh could be just what you need. We can assess whatever type or style of door you have, to determine whether repairs can be done or whether a replacement is the more viable choice.

If your front door has glass panels that rattle in the wind, we can typically replace them. In the case of timber doors this would involve removing the old putty and replacing the panes of glass freshly-puttied into place.

Whatever issues you have with your doors, we can resolve them for you and your property will look better than ever as a result.