Secondary glazing solves the problem of condensation by creating a barrier between existing windows and the naturally moist air of a room. It's a proven alternative to replacing your windows, and may be cheaper than you think.

Condensation is an issue for many owners of older properties – particularly heritage and listed buildings. Large amounts can be extremely damaging to wooden frames, plus it increases the likelihood of damp.

Condensation occurs when warmer, moisture-rich air hits a colder surface – like single panes of glass. This causes the water droplets to condense from the air and appear on the glass.

Secondary glazing introduces a complete internal seal, allowing balanced ventilation within the window reveal cavities. This stops the inner glass from becoming too cold, providing an effective condensation solution.

As Approved Partners of Granada Secondary Glazing, we have direct access to their full range of secondary glazing products. These discreet aluminium systems have been developed specifically for heritage and listed properties, and provide a wealth of benefits beyond condensation control.

Secondary glazing can eliminate draughts and can improve the thermal performance of an existing single paned window by up to 60%. The transmission of noise through a window can be reduced by up to 80%, whilst security is also enhanced by introducing a second barrier to entry.

At SWS, we offer a complete selection of frame styles and over 200 colours, enabling the most sympathetic of designs. The perfect fitting of your new windows and respect for your property are amongst our highest priorities, and we provide full after sales service. To learn more, please get in touch.