Why Window & Door Restoration?

When a combination of elements and time take their toll on your windows and doors, choosing replacements is not the only option you have. You can also opt to have them repaired and restored to ensure your property gets back to looking its best once more.

There are thousands of listed buildings in Edinburgh, and if you happen to live in one of them you’ll be restricted on what you can do to improve your doors and windows. Replacements are probably not an option anyway, which is why considering window restoration Edinburgh is the next logical step.

Contact us today to find out more about window repair. We approach our job sensitively and with care, ensuring you can keep the original features of your home intact. You may not be able to install brand new windows but you can certainly install bags of character instead!

Our Restoration Services Edinburgh

We provide a complete range of window and door restoration services in Edinburgh today. Many old and listed buildings in the area have sash and case windows. Since modern planning restrictions prohibit the installation of modern double-glazing, our window restoration Edinburgh service is the ideal alternative.

The service we can provide will depend on the existing condition of your windows. If they are in relatively good condition we can provide draught-proofing services to ensure you lose less heat through them. This in turn makes them more thermally-efficient and saves you money from the moment the draught-proofing is installed.

Not all sash and case windows are in this good a condition though. We can assess the condition of each and every window in your home to determine what is required to bring each one back to its best. We will remove each sash and check every inch of the frames and windows, noting whether part or all of the frame needs to be replaced. In addition we’ll check the condition of the glass and provide new panels if necessary.

Our window repair service also extends to re-roping the windows to ensure they open and close smoothly when needed. Finally we can provide new ironmongery in keeping with the overall design. Everything is in accordance with planning regulations so you can have your windows restored and replaced in your listed building with total confidence. Once we have finished you can appreciate the increased heat retention and the smart appearance your newly-upgraded windows have achieved.