As Approved Partners of Granada Secondary Glazing, we have direct access to their market-leading acoustic secondary glazing. These systems have been independently tested to reduce noise levels by up to 54dD – that’s an 80% reduction in most homes.

Examples of SWS installations include listed buildings, hotels, shopping centres and offices – all of which benefit from improved energy efficiency, as well as remarkable sound insulation. Noise pollution is caused by various sources, but the biggest culprit is motor vehicles, estimated to cause 80% of the noise we hear on a daily basis. In these instances, secondary glazing, fitted correctly, can make the world of difference.

Sound is transmitted through an existing window by directly vibrating the glass. By introducing secondary glazing, a noise reducing cavity is created, as well as providing a second barrier for sound. Insulation increases as the gap widens between the primary and secondary glazing, and we recommend a glass-to-glass cavity of 150mm – 200mm. We also recommend fitting Stadip Silence glass.

We can provide a comprehensive range of secondary glazing systems, including vertical and horizontal sliders, hinged casement, fixed and lift-out windows. Slimline aluminium frames are discreet and durable, and available in over 200 colours to perfectly compliment your existing windows and décor.

Traditional timber sash windows and metal Crittal windows can cause problems for many heritage and listed property owners. Draughts and heat loss, matched with condensation and poor acoustic performance lead many customers in search of new replacement windows.

At SWS, we specialise in window restoration and can help to enhance the performance of your existing windows, whilst retaining the charm and character of your property.

For many, the ability to retain original glazing features makes our window repair service an attractive proposition. Performance is further enhanced with secondary glazing, and if you’re looking for a noise reducing solution, there are none better than Granada Secondary Glazing. For further information and pricing, please get in touch.