The installation of quality secondary glazing can eliminate window draughts and reduce heat loss by over half. It’s a great way to reduce energy bills, and is much more cost-effective than replacing your existing windows.

As Approved Partners of Granada Secondary Glazing, we have direct access to their full range of energy efficient secondary glazing. These discreet aluminium systems have been developed specifically for heritage and listed properties, and provide a wealth of additional benefits including enhanced acoustic performance and security, condensation control, and heat retention.

Traditional timber sash and metal Crittal windows are often protected in conservation areas, yet they can cause significant heat loss – particularly in the winter months.

Energy efficient secondary glazing doesn’t require you to replace existing windows, but requires installing an additional window on the room-side of your existing windows. This results in radically improved thermal performance, whilst complying with the strictest of planning legislations.

Over the years, we have installed energy efficient secondary glazing in listed buildings, hotels, shopping centres and offices, as well as countless domestic properties. Homeowners see dramatic reductions is their annual heating bills, whilst commercial clients enjoy quick payback.

We boast a comprehensive range of secondary glazing systems, including vertical and horizontal sliders, hinged casement, fixed and lift-out windows. Slimline aluminium frames are discreet and durable, and available in over 200 colours to perfectly compliment your existing windows and décor. A wide choice of glazing is also available, with Low-E glass best suited for thermal performance.

For many, the ability to retain original glazing features makes our secondary glazing an attractive proposition, and if you’re looking for an energy efficient system, there are none better than Granada Secondary Glazing. For further information and pricing, please get in touch.