What is secondary glazing?

In many cases people opt to replace single glazing with double-glazing, which is built from two sheets of glass instead of just one. However there are instances where this is not possible.

Edinburgh has many listed buildings that do not permit double-glazing to be installed. While these buildings have historic merit and character, they can also be pretty cold and draughty. Double-glazing would look out of place but fortunately there is another solution.

This is where secondary glazing can prove exceptionally useful. It enables you to have a second sheet of glazing added inside the existing window frame. It provides you with a practical energy-efficient and eco-friendly glazing solution inside many properties, even listed ones and those of advanced age.

Our secondary glazing Edinburgh service also provides you with a cost-effective alternative to double-glazing. The work involved is far less, since the existing windows will remain just as they are at present. We’ll install the secondary glazing inside your home so you can start reaping the rewards it offers. If you have a tight budget, your home does not permit double-glazing or you simply want a fast solution to a more energy-efficient home, this could be the ideal route to take.

What are the benefits of secondary glazing?

While some properties in Edinburgh are modern, some 75,000 others are nearly a century old. In the case of the latter some will be listed, thereby severely limiting the alterations that could potentially be considered.

This can provide a challenge when it comes to investing in better windows that offer a higher degree of energy-efficiency. Fortunately secondary glazing Edinburgh offers a solution that is anything from being second-best.

One significant benefit is improved thermal insulation. Older single-glazed windows easily lose heat from inside a building. This means owners pay more for their heating as they turn it up to try and warm the home. Secondary glazing helps reduce the amount of heat lost in each room as less will be lost through each window. It also results in lower and more affordable energy bills – something we can all appreciate.

The extra layer of glass means a reduction in noise coming into the property from outside as well. This could be from passing traffic or people walking by if your property faces the street and has no front garden. It also prevents draughts from rattling the windows and dust entering your home, since the additional layer of glazing prevents this from occurring. No doubt you may already have been annoyed by rattling panes in your window due to vehicles driving past.

If you have lived in a property with single-glazed windows for quite some time, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the issue of condensation in the colder months. This is not just inconvenient it can also lead to other problems such as mould, damp and rotting window sills and frames. Even without these problems it is frustrating to have to clean up pools of water every day.

When you have secondary glazing fitted you’ll notice these problems should disappear. Condensation is caused when cold glass meets warmer air – conditions that occur throughout the winter. With secondary glazing in place the temperature difference will not be as marked, meaning less opportunity for condensation to appear.

You can also enjoy a better level of security with secondary glazing Edinburgh. Older windows are not generally as secure as modern ones. However secondary glazing can be fitted with locks to ensure the property is safer than it would otherwise have been.

For more information on the prospect of fitting secondary glazing in your property, contact us for more no-obligation information today.

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